Nathalie Ludwig is a Franco-German architect who breathes both a “French touch” and “German-style” rigour ...

She knows how to merge erudition with comfort, modernity with tradition, in which she blends styles and connects scales in spaces synonymous with good living.
She has a highly-developed sense of comfort, and the locale must be warm and authentic.

Her lines are dynamic, refined and her interiors structured and timeless.

She combines materials to give elegant and discreet interiors, in muted and cosy colours that draw on softness, voluptuousness and grace.
Her attention to detail and her search for excellence is enhanced by the artistry applied in respect of “Beautiful Work”

Her consideration of everyday life exceeds style; it is truly an art of living.

Thanks to the richness of these cosmopolitan influences and her iconoclastic vision, she creates refined settings where the harmony and sensuality of the materials speak for her.